Silk flowers or fresh flowers?

Silk flowers or fresh flowers?

April 07, 2017

You may think silk flowers are not as great as fresh flowers. The answer is Yes or No. Yes, fresh flowers are truly beautiful, I love fresh flowers a lot too (especially Peonies, Garden Roses and Hydrangea)! However they're delicate and last for only a short period of time. And it can be daunting when you're preparing for your big day or decoration projects as they can sometimes be out of control - things happen. Imagine the delicate bouquets and bouts dried up during half way through your wedding day, or you need to find someone to specifically handle the flowers all day long in order not let them "thrist" for water under the strong sunlight. For my personal experience, my fresh hydrangea hairflowers dried up before my wedding ceremony began after a morning due to hot weather and strong sunlight :( And I had to remove them and replaced with silk flowers before the ceremony began... What a nightmare!

In the market, you can find high quality silk flowers for alternative as they are just as beautiful and last long. Most importantly, you can keep them in the same conditions you want and feel at ease. No more worries about the fresh flowers dying, or the need to change your home decor weekly because your flowers are gone. You can use silk flowers for keepsake, decoration or gift purposes. 

I understand it can be difficult finding the right silk flowers online - the quality varies a lot. I've been there before. So I put effort in sourcing high quality silk flowers for everyday use and your important moments.

What are your thoughts on silk flowers? Please don't hesitate to reach out and get in touch!


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