Unbox Your Silk Flowers

Unbox Your Silk Flowers

July 27, 2017

Hey there,

Online shopping for silk flowers can sometimes give you butterflies in your stomach, as you may not know what you'll receive in the end verus the beautiful listing pictures. I've experienced quite a few horrible times myself - the boxes arrived all wet, the flowers were squeezed and out of shape, the flowers stinked etc. you name it. So I'd like to walk you through our silk flowers packaging, as if you opened it yourself!

We want you to know what to expect when you receive our package, so without further ado, let's go!

Standard Packaging for Silk Flower Supplies, Accessories

You'll receive a white craft box in a large bubble envelope delivered by your post office. The bubble envelope can protect the box from getting wet. The white craft box is embellished with our beautiful gold logo label and ribbon :)

So after you open it, there should be a cover paper and a Thank You card inside :)

And Voilà! Your beautiful silk flowers are protected inside a clear resealable bag. Enjoy your DIY projects!


Standard Packaging for Flower Bouquets & Table Centerpieces

For your Flower Bouquet / Table Centerpiece, we need a bigger box for it!  You'll receive a square white box packed in a Post Office post box, so there're double layers of protection! And of course, the white craft box is embellished with our beautiful gold logo label and ribbon :)


After opening the box, you'll see your lovely flowers packed in a clear resealable bag, with cover paper and a Thank You card!


And Voilà! Enjoy decorating your Weddings, Home Space or send this darling to your beloved one as gift! If you need extra gift packaging, we've floral boxes in store (listed in our FAQ page)! Contact us for more information.


Alright so that's wrap up for the unboxing of your silk flowers from us. I hope you enjoy this information and feel free to contact us if you've got questions. 

Stay in touch!



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