3 Ways to take care of your silk flowers

3 Ways to take care of your silk flowers

May 19, 2017

Silk flowers are easy to manage. But to ensure your silk flowers last in their pretty form, you can take the following 3 points in mind when handling them:

1. When ordering your silk flowers online, during the delivery process, your silk flowers may be slightly out of shape. It’s normal that a few petals may fall during delivery. Simply connect them back to the flower stem, and use your fingers to loosen the petals and leaves in their natural form.

2. If your flowers get wet, gently dry them with a natural-coloured cloth. Avoid using a coloured cloth as the silk flowers are usually made of fabric, and your coloured cloth may tint the flowers. 

3. For bouquets and wedding floral accessories, when not in use, store your flowers in protective clear bags, and avoid weight pressure as this may damage their shape.

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